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  • My Approach

    I am an experienced Dramatherapist working with adults, children and families in London Bridge and Brockley, S.E. London. I offer a confidential, non-judgemental space and my approach is creative, grounded and with a deep positive regard for those engaging with the process. I understand my responsibility to reflect on and actively make conscious how culture, power and inequality affect all aspects of life and the part I might play in that. I am a member of the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO) having undertaken training to enable me to also offer Dramatherapy online.  


    I work with people facing a diverse range of situations and challenges. Some are looking to make changes in their lives, feeling stuck and unsure of the direction they want to move into. Others are dealing with loss, anxieties, or notice that fear seems to be limiting their choices. Sometimes our natural protection for past wounds has outlived its purpose and is dampening a sense of 'aliveness' and joy. You may want to live more from the heart.


    Often when we face difficulties we try to think our way out. This narrows our options to ideas already in our awareness. Dramatherapy provides an opportunity to connect with the imagination through imagery and a process of experimentation. I offer a range of creative arts activities such as drawing, sandtray, movement and bodywork. By harnessing the imagination we open ourselves to insight and resources that have been outside our conscious awareness.


    Dramatherapy is a unique creative arts therapy regulated by the HCPC that offers more than a simply cognitive, 'talking' approach. It can suit people who are looking for therapy or counselling who might not have heard of this type of therapy before.


    I am interested in how the ideas we have about ourselves can become fixed and in this way we cut ourselves off from possibilities to love and connect to others and even to ourselves. At times in our lives the question can come up, why am I here? I notice that health and wellbeing are related to living a life that feels in some way meaningful, in small daily ways and in the wider context of the community and perhaps even the planet.


    Therapy is, at its core, relational and my approach is person-centred, focusing on what is important to you in a supportive spirit of curiosity and openness for all that you might bring.



    Call or email me for further information or to book an introductory consultation. This gives us the opportunity to talk about what you hope to achieve and helps clarify what this approach might offer you. It gives you a chance to get to know me a little so that you can decide if you would like to continue.


    My private practice is in London Bridge and Brockley, SE London.


    FEES: for one hour/50mins depending on location

    Initial consultation - £30

    Individual Dramatherapy £55 - £65

    Limited sliding scale fees may be available

    Group rates available on request


    A​ space for reflective collaboration


    I trained as a supervisor with Robin Shohet and Joan Wilmot at The Centre for Supervision and Team Development. The course invited a transparency of approach in which everything in 'the field' becomes useful. Working psychodynamically we are able to notice the dynamics at play in the client's life, their relationship to the supervisee and the wider environment that the supervisee/client operate within.


    Supervision is a compassionate enquiry where playfulness, experimentation and somatic responses such as sensation and gesture are all part of the material to excavate. Often the presenting difficulty contains a metaphor that points to a deeper solution. With the understanding that nothing needs to be 'edited out', supervision is an invitation to feel liberated from professional judgements, a place to examine fear and move into freedom from it.


    I supervise therapists, students, teams, teachers and volunteers providing services for charities. This can be individual, pair or group work. I draw on creative arts methods and dramatherapy techniques.


    Fees: (for one hour)

    Individual supervision £55 - £65

    Some concessions may be available

    Online Zoom available

    Group rates available on request

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  • About me

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    Pam Marshall

    I trained as a Dramatherapist at the Central School of Speech & Drama and have over 17 years experience working with adults, children and families and with students, both individually and in groups.


    My supervision training was with the Centre for Supervision and Team Development. I was awarded the Foundation year in Systemic Practice Applications and Skills at South West London & St George’s Mental Health Trust.


    I have worked in a range of settings including: private practice, education, adoption services, children's homes and adult mental health services and I run multi-family groups in schools. I am interested in the unexpected connections that play can reveal and how this can help parents and children communicate more effectively.


    I am registered with the British Association of Dramatherapists (BADth) as a therapist and clinical supervisor, and the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC). These set out a code of practice and ethics that I adhere to. I am also trained to work as a Dramatherapist online and registered with the Association of Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO).

  • Contact

    My private practice is based in:

    Central London, 5 minutes walk from London Bridge station

    Brockley SE London, 10-15 minutes walk from Brockley station, there is free parking is available.

    I supervise via Zoom.


    If you would like to know more about therapy or supervision or would like to book an initial consultation please email or call me.